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Why Blockchain May Be Key to IBM’s Future

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It’s no secret that IBM’s revenue has been sliding downward for some time now. Its second-quarter earnings report in July was more of the same — a 21st consecutive quarter of declining revenue. The issues it faces aren’t unique. Its legacy businesses — hardware, software, and services for traditional corporate data centers — have been shrinking as customers move to the cloud. Despite its best efforts, its own cloud isn’t getting enough traction for it to make much of a dent, either in the market or its bottom line. It’s worth remembering, however, that the company has seen much worse and managed to pull itself out.
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IBM’s biggest turnaround efforts seem to center around Watson and its other implementations of AI and machine learning, and the numbers seem to indicate it’s doing well there (although there are rumors that the efforts might not be as fruitful as the figures seem to suggest). Although it occupies a prominent spot in AI — at least that’s the public’s perception, thanks to Watson’s famous appearance “Jeopardy” — and the technology is certain to be a large part of IBM’s growth if and when the growth comes, it’s probably not going to be the company’s main mover.
According to Business Insider, the Swiss financial services giant UBS thinks the

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